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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  vol. 55, n°1, mars 2020

Thème :  Developing schools as learning organisations: how and why?

  • Developing schools as learning organisations—“Why” and “how”?, Pages: 3-8 
  • Learning for and realising curriculum aspirations through schools as learning organisations, Claire Sinnema, Louise Stoll
  • The school as a learning organisation: The concept and its measurement, Marco Kools, Louise Stoll, Bert George, Bram Steijn, Victor Bekkers, Pierre Gouëdard
  • Schools as learning organisations in Greece: Measurement and first indications, Asimina Papazoglou, Manolis Koutouzis
  • From silos to solutions: How one district is building a culture of collaboration and learning between school principals and central office leaders, Angela King Smith, Karen E. Watkins, Seung‐Hyun Han
  • Higher education segregation in Spain: Gender constructs and social background, Hugo Garcia‐Andreu, Alejandro Acebal Fernandez, Antonio Aledo
  • Never mind the gap: Formative assessment confronted with Dewey's and Gadamer's concept of experience, Kjetil Egelandsdal, Hanne Riese
  • Erasmus student mobility flows, Kristijan Breznik, Vesna Skrbinjek
  • The influence of technology‐mediated and in‐person communication on student satisfaction: The moderating role of national culture, Maja Šerić

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