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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°1, février 2020

  • A Problem for Cognitive Load Theory—the Distinctively Human Life‐form, JAN DERRY
  • Caught in the Middle: Arendt, Childhood and Responsibility, JAMES CONROY
  • Children, Self‐knowledge and Cultural Reproduction, ELDAR SARAJLIC
  • Disaggregating the Creationist Challenge to Liberal Neutrality, CRISTÓBAL BELLOLIO
  • Sustaining Hegemony: Educational Use of Photographs Representing Human Distress, PAULA ALEXANDRA AMBROSSI
  • Wisdom and Care as the Two Faces of Educational Action, CRISTIAN SIMONI
  • Solitude and Self‐Realisation in Education, JULIAN STERN, MAŁGORZATA WAŁEJKO
  • Education as Transformation: Formalism, Moralism and the Substantivist Alternative, DOUGLAS YACEK, KAILUM IJAZ
  • Gentle Riffs and Noises Off: Research Supervision Under the Spotlight, ANNE PIRRIE, KARI MANUM, SAIF EDDINE NECIB
  • Educational Justice and the Value of Knowledge, CHRISTOPHER MARTIN
  • Struggling Teachers and the Recognition of Effective Practice, ALISON M. BRADY
  • Polanyian Educational Dimensions of Mill's Mental Crisis, JON M. FENNELL
  • Education, Illusions and Valuable Fictions, JOHAN DAHLBECK
  • Growing Roots and Becoming Interested: Teaching about the World through Exemplarity, MORTEN TIMMERMANN KORSGAARD

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