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Educational Researcher (ER)

Référence :  Vol. 48, n°6, septembre 2019

  • Fourteenth Annual Brown Lecture in Education Research: Reenvisioning Equity Research: Disability Identification Disparities as a Case in Point, Alfredo J. Artiles
  • Research on the Leadership of Black Women Principals: Implications for Black Students, Kofi Lomotey
  • The Ethnocentric Origins of the Learning Style Idea, Thomas Fallace
  • Life on the Frontier of AP Expansion: Can Schools in Less-Resourced Communities Successfully Implement Advanced Placement Science Courses?, Mark C. Long, Dylan Conger, Raymond McGhee, Jr.
  • The Multiple Meanings of Scale: Implications for Researchers and Practitioners, Richard Paquin Morel, Cynthia Coburn, Amy Koehler Catterson, Jennifer Higgs
  • Observer-Identification: A Potential Threat to the Validity of Self-Identified Race and Ethnicity, Karly S. Ford
  • First Published June 27, 2019; pp. 378–381
  • Whose Prior Is It Anyway? A Note on “Rigorous Large-Scale Educational RCTs Are Often Uninformative”, Adrian Simpson
  • The Value of Consensus Priors: A Response to Simpson, Hugues Lortie-Forgues, Matthew Inglis

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