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Educational Researcher (ER)

Référence :  Vol. 48,n°5, juin-juillet 2019

  • Understanding a Vicious Cycle: The Relationship Between Student Discipline and Student Academic Outcomes, Kaitlin P. Anderson, Gary W. Ritter, and Gema Zamarro
  • Refutation Texts: A New Approach to Changing Public Misconceptions About Education Policy, Stephen J. Aguilar, Morgan S. Polikoff, and Gale M. Sinatra
  • Do Teachers Spend Less Time Teaching in Classrooms With Students With Special Needs? Trends From International Data, North Cooc
  • What Is the Potential for Applying Cost-Utility Analysis to Facilitate Evidence-Based Decision Making in Schools?, Fiona Hollands, Yilin Pan, and Maya Escueta
  • Negotiating Intergovernmental Relations Under ESSA, Megan Duff and Priscilla Wohlstetter

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