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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  Vol. 88, n°1, novembre 2018

Thème :  Scaffolding: Integrating social and cognitive perspectives on children’s learning at home

  • Scaffolding: Integrating social and cognitive perspectives on children's learning at home, Nicola Yuill Amanda Carr
  • Scaffolding under the microscope: Applying self‐regulation and other‐regulation perspectives to a scaffolded task, Georgia Leith Nicola Yuill Alison Pike
  • Quality of both parents’ cognitive guidance and quantity of early childhood education: Influences on pre‐mathematical development, Anne Sorariutta Maarit Silvén
  • Culture‐specific links between maternal executive function, parenting, and preschool children's executive function in South Korea, Min Kyung Lee Sara Baker David Whitebread
  • The effects of mother‐child mediated learning strategies on psychological resilience and cognitive modifiability of boys with learning disability, David Tzuriel Vered Shomron
  • Thinking or feeling? An exploratory study of maternal scaffolding, child mental state talk, and emotion understanding in language‐impaired and typically developing school‐aged children, Nicola Yuill Sarah Little
  • Family support and gains in school readiness: A longitudinal study, Claire Hughes Naomi White Sarah Foley Rory T. Devine
  • Training of parental scaffolding in high‐socio‐economic status families: How do parents of full‐ and preterm‐born toddlers benefit?, Kim Angeles Gärtner Verena Clara Vetter Michaela Schäferling Gitta Reuner Silke Hertel
  • Scaffolding for motivation by parents, and child homework motivations and emotions: Effects of a training programme, Angelica Moè Idit Katz Marianna Alesi

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation