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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 52, n°1, février 2018

  • Editorial, Bob Davis
  • Ironies, Virtues and Educational Hopes: Richard J. Bernstein in Conversation with Pádraig Hogan
  • What's Wrong with Private Schools, ROGER MARPLES
  • Play's the Thing: Wherein We Find How Learning Can Begin, MICHAEL LUNTLEY
  • The Value of Inclusion, FRANZISKA FELDER
  • Thinking Controversially: The Psychological Condition for Teaching Controversial Issues, DOUGLAS YACEK
  • ‘To Catch at and Let Go’: David Bakhurst, Phenomenology and Post-phenomenology, EMMA LOUISE WILLIAMS
  • The New School, DAVID KENNEDY
  • Does Action Research Have a Future? A Reply to Higgins, LORRAINE FOREMAN-PECK and RUTH HEILBRON
  • A Genealogical Analysis of the Concept of ‘Good’ Teaching: A Polemic, STEVEN A. STOLZ
  • A Moment of Letting Go: Iris Murdoch and the Morally Transformative Process of Unselfing, ANNA-LOVA OLSSON
  • Antecedent Recognition: Some Problematic Educational Implications of the Very Notion, HEIKKI J. KOSKINEN

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