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International Journal of Science Education (IJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 40, n°7, mai 2018

  • How to link geography, cross-curricular approach and inquiry in science education at the primary schools, Petra Karvánková & Dagmar Popjaková
  • Negotiating science and engineering: an exploratory case study of a reform-minded science teacher, S. Selcen Guzey & Elizabeth A. Ring-Whalen
  • Exploring the development of novice unqualified graduate teachers’ topic-specific PCK in teaching the particulate nature of matter in South Africa’s classrooms, Phihlo Pitjeng-Mosabala & Marissa Rollnick
  • ‘Opening up’ a science task: an exploration of shifting embodied participation of a multilingual primary student, Roberto Gómez Fernández & Christina Siry
  • Argumentation, critical thinking, nature of science and socioscientific issues: a dialogue between two researchers, Hagop A. Yacoubian & Rola Khishfe
  • Young children’s impressionable use of teleology: the influence of question wording and questioned topic on teleological explanations for natural phenomena, Jonathan Grant Halls, Shaaron Elizabeth Ainsworth & Mary Collette Oliver

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