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International Journal of Science Education (IJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 39, n°16, novembre 2017

  • Questions as indicators of ocean literacy: students’ online asynchronous discussion with a marine scientist, Géraldine Fauville
  • Associations among attitudes, perceived difficulty of learning science, gender, parents’ occupation and students’ scientific competencies, ShaoHui Chi , Zuhao Wang, Xiufeng Liu & Lei Zhu
  • Graduate teaching assistants’ perceptions of teaching competencies required for work in undergraduate science labs, Christopher Deacon, Allyson Hajek & Henry Schulz
  • Engineering design skills coverage in K-12 engineering program curriculum materials in the USA, Vivien M. Chabalengula & Frackson Mumba
  • The effectiveness of advance organiser model on students’ academic achievement in learning work and energy, Asay Gidena & Desta Gebeyehu
  • The relationship between biology teachers’ understanding of the nature of science and the understanding and acceptance of the theory of evolution, Hernán Cofré , Emilia Cuevas & Beatriz Becerra
  • Defining contagion literacy: a Delphi study, Margareta Kilstadius & Niklas Gericke

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