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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 52, n°3, septembre 2017

Thème :  Participatory Design for (Built) Learning Environments

  • Participatory design of (built) learning environments, Karen D. Könings and Susan McKenney
  • Aligning pedagogy with physical learning spaces, Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer, Susan McKenney, Dominic Cullinan and Jos Heuer
  • Participatory educational design: How to improve mutual learning and the quality and usability of the design?, Fred J. J. M. Janssen, Karen D. Könings and Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer
  • Classroom biographies: Teaching and learning in evolving material landscapes (c. 1960-2015), Jo Tondeur, Frederik Herman, Maud De Buck and Karen Triquet
  • A visual information tool for user participation during the lifecycle of school building design: BIM, Alexander Koutamanis, Jos Heuer and Karen D. Könings
  • Towards an interdisciplinary model of practice for participatory building design in education, Karen D. Könings, Catherine Bovill and Pamela Woolner
  • Architecting the ‘third teacher’: Solid foundations for the participatory and principled design of schools and (built) learning environments, Tony Hall
  • Participatory design beyond borders, Jonas Nordquist and Maria Watter
  • Completion in vocational and academic upper secondary school: The importance of school motivation, self-efficacy, and individual characteristics, Marianne Dæhlen
  • The distribution of skills among the European adult population and unemployment: A comparative approach, Jorge Calero and Álvaro Choi
  • Competition, student sorting and performance gains in local education markets: The Dutch secondary sector, Sofie Cabus and Ilja Cornelisz
  • University research and the creation of spin-offs: The Spanish case, Isabel Román-Martínez, María-Elena Gómez-Miranda and Juan Sánchez-Fernández

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