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British Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 38, n°7, octobre 2017

  • The university, democracy and the public sphere, John Holmwood
  • Creating an Ofsted story: the role of early years assessment data in schools’ narratives of progress, Alice Bradbury & Guy Roberts-Holmes
    Cultural capital and educational strategies. Shaping boundaries between groups of students with homologous cultural behaviours, Marco Pitzalis & Mariano Porcu
  • Reproducing vulnerability: a Bourdieuian analysis of readers who struggle in neoliberal times, Elizabeth L. Jaeger
  • Conceptualising the surveillance of teachers, Damien Page
  • Parental networks, ethnicity, and social and cultural capital: the societal dynamics of educational resilience in Turkey, Çetin Çelik
  • The uses of equality in an elite school in India: enterprise and merit, Arathi Sriprakash, Jing Qi & Michael Singh
  • Peer relations and access to capital in the mathematics classroom: a Bourdieusian social network analysis, Sophina Choudry, Julian Williams & Laura Black
  • Corporatising school leadership through hysteresis, Steven J. Courtney
  • A feminist manifesto for education, Eve Mayes
  • A feminist manifesto for education, Julie McLeod
  • Rethinking education and poverty, Sharon Gewirtz
  • Higher education: access, experiences, and outcomes, Wolfgang Lehmann

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