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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 51, n°3, aout 2017

Thème :  Education and Expertise

  • Activity Concepts and Expertise, MARK ADDIS
  • The Role of ‘Autonomy’ in Teaching Expertise, IRENE BUCELLI
  • Three Views on Expertise: Philosophical Implications for Rationality, Knowledge, Intuition and Education, FERNAND GOBET
  • Drawing on a Sculpted Space of Actions: Educating for Expertise while Avoiding a Cognitive Monster, MACHIEL KEESTRA
  • Two Social Dimensions of Expertise, BEN KOTZEE and JP SMIT
  • Making Sense of Knowing-How and Knowing-That, GERARD LUM
  • Professional Knowledge, Expertise and Perceptual Ability, CHRISTOPHER WINCH

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