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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 51, n°2, mai 2017

  • Knowing ‘Wh’ and Knowing How: Constructing Professional Curricula and Integrating Epistemic Fields, CHRISTOPHER WINCH
  • On the Meeting of the Moral and the Aesthetic in Literary Education, ANDRÉS MEJÍA and SILVIA EUGENIA MONTOYA
  • Political and Aesthetic Equality in the Work of Jacques Rancière: Applying his Writing to Debates in Education and the Arts, JANE MCDONNELL
  • The Archaeology of Heroes: Carlyle, Foucault and the Pedagogy of Interdisciplinary Narrative Discourse, LOUISE CAMPBELL
  • Minima Pedagogica: Education, Thinking and Experience in Adorno, ITAY SNIR
  • Education, Learning and Freedom, GEOFFREY HINCHLIFFE
  • A Janus-faced Approach to Learning. A Critical Discussion of Habermas' Pragmatic Approach, SALVATORE ITALIA
  • For Example? A Philosophical Case Study of Some Problems When Abstract Educational Theory Ignores Concrete Practice, CLINTON GOLDING
  • Levelling and Misarchism: A Nietzschean Perspective on the Future of Democratic Educational Institutions, TADEJ PIRC
  • The Exilic Classroom: Spaces of Subversion, ANDREW J. BROGAN
  • Levinas: Ethics or Mystification?, ALISTAIR MILLER
  • The Educational Importance of Deep Wonder, ANDERS SCHINKEL

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