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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 50, n°4, novembre 2016

  • Editorial, Bob Davis
  • Justifying Private Schools, JOHN WHITE
  • The Role of Feelings in Kant's Account of Moral Education, ALIX COHEN
  • MacIntyre's Revolutionary Aristotelian Philosophy and his Idea of an Educated Public Revisited, JAMES MACALLISTER
  • Community of Infancy: Suspending the Sovereignty of the Teacher's Voice , IGOR JASINSKI and TYSON E. LEWIS
  • Assessing Professional Know-How, CHRISTOPHER WINCH
  • Can Certainties Be Acquired at Will? Implications for Children's Assimilation of a World-picture, JOSÉ MARÍA ARISO
  • Hypothetical Insurance and Higher Education, BEN COLBURN and HUGH LAZENBY
  • Should Eudaimonia Structure Professional Virtue?, ANDREAS ERIKSEN
  • Ethics Responsibility Dialogue The Meaning of Dialogue in Lévinas's Philosophy, HANOCH BEN-PAZI
  • Education and Empty Relationality: Thoughts on Education and the Kyoto School of Philosophy, ANTON LUIS SEVILLA
  • Naturalness as an Educational Value, SUNE FRØLUND
  • The Basis of Correctness in the Religious Studies Classroom, CRAIG BOURNE, EMILY CADDICK BOURNE and CLARE JARMY
  • Finding Educational Insights in Psychoanalytic Theory with Marcuse and Adorno, HANNA-MAIJA HUHTALA

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