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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 50 n°3, aout 2016

  • Freedoms and Perils: Academy Schools in England, RUTH HEILBRONN
  • Emotional Speech Acts and the Educational Perlocutions of Speech, RENIA GASPARATOU
  • Making Room for Children's Autonomy: Maria Montessori's Case for Seeing Children's Incapacity for Autonomy as an External Failing, PATRICK R. FRIERSON
  • Should Students Have to Borrow? Autonomy, Wellbeing and Student Debt, CHRISTOPHER MARTIN
  • Higher Education, Collaboration and a New Economics, AMANDA FULFORD
  • Foucault and Human Rights: Seeking the Renewal of Human Rights Education, MICHALINOS ZEMBYLAS
  • Education and Life's Meaning, ANDERS SCHINKEL, DORET J. DE RUYTER and AHARON AVIRAM
  • Teachers and the Academic Disciplines, MICHAEL FORDHAM
  • On the Spiritual Dimension of Education: Finding a Common Ground, ERIC DAYTON
  • Moral Education and Education in Altruism: Two Replies to Michael Hand, JOHN WHITE
  • The Eros of Counter Education, PINHAS LUZON
  • A Philosophy of Seeing: The Work of the Eye/‘I’ in Early Years Educational Practice, E. JAYNE WHITE

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