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Journal of Philosophy of Education

Référence :  Vol. 50, n°2, mai 2016

Thème :  50th Anniversary of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain, Oxford, 2015

  • Editorial, Morwenna Griffiths and Bob Davis
  • Thomas Piketty and the Justice of Education, STEINAR BØYUM
  • The Cruel Optimism of Education and Education's Implication with ‘Passing-on’, MARIO DI PAOLANTONIO
  • Dialogic Teaching and Moral Learning: Self-critique, Narrativity, Community and ‘Blind Spots’ , ANDREA R. ENGLISH
  • Philosophy of Education: Becoming Less Western, More African?, PENNY ENSLIN and KAI HORSTHEMKE
  • The Hermit and The Poet, NAOMI HODGSON and AMANDA FULFORD
  • Plato's Anti-Kohlbergian Program for Moral Education, MARK E. JONAS,
  • Learning How, BEN KOTZEE
  • My Way to You: How to Make Room for Transformative Communication in Intercultural Education, ELISABET LANGMANN
  • Aristotle's homo mimeticus as an Educational Paradigm for Human Coexistence, GILBERTO SCARAMUZZO
  • Which Love of Country? Tensions, Questions and Contexts for Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism in Education, CLAUDIA SCHUMANN
  • The Virtues of Unknowing, RICHARD SMITH
  • Testimony, Holocaust Education and Making the Unthinkable Thinkable, JUDITH SUISSA

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