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Educational Research

Référence :  Vol. 57, n°2, juin 2015

Thème :  Education to Employment: Complicated Transitions in a Changing World

  • Education to employment: complicated transitions in a changing world, Jo Hutchinson & Kelly Kettlewell
  • NEET, unemployed, inactive or unknown – why does it matter?, Sue Maguire
  • NEET in disguise? Rival narratives in troubled youth transitions, Herwig Reiter & Tabea Schlimbach
  • The impact of training-intensive labour market policies on labour and educational prospects of NEETs: evidence from Catalonia (Spain), Miquel Àngel Alegre, David Casado, Jordi Sanz & Federico A. Todeschini
  • Strong vocational education – a safe way to the labour market? A case study of the Czech Republic, Jana Straková
  • Preparing at-risk youth for a changing world: revisiting a person-in-context model for transition to employment, Christopher DeLuca, Lorraine Godden, Nancy L. Hutchinson & Joan Versnel
  • Educational trust: relational and structural perspectives on young people on the margins of the education system, Anne Görlich & Noemi Katznelson

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