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European Journal of Teacher Education

Référence :  Vol. 38, n°2, mai 2015

  • Reading sources and academic freedom as determinants of trends in English language teacher research in Egypt: an interview-based study, Muhammad M.M. Abdel Latif
  • Investigating advanced professional learning of early career and experienced teachers through program portfolios, Rebecca K. Fox, Leah S. Muccio, C. Stephen White & Jie Tian
  • Extended business work placements for teachers: between lived experience and barriers to professionalisation, Abdelkarim Zaid & Patricia Champy-Remoussenard
  • Losing the whole child? A national survey of primary education training provision for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, K. Adams, J. Monahan & R. Wills
  • Pre-service teacher training in health and well-being in England: the state of the nation, J. Byrne, J. Shepherd, S. Dewhirst, K. Pickett, V. Speller, P. Roderick, M. Grace & P. Almond
  • The effects of a short-term professional development program on physical education teachers’ behaviour and students’ engagement in learning, Vassiliki Derri, Olga Vasiliadou & Efthymis Kioumourtzoglou
  • Practicum experiences as sources of pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy, Maria Martins, João Costa & Marcos Onofre

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