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British Journal of Educational Studies (BJES)

Référence :  Vol. 63, n°2, juin 2015

  • Developing Resilient Agency in Learning: The Internal Structure of Learning Power, Ruth Deakin Crick, Shaofu Huang, Adeela Ahmed Shafi & Chris Goldspink
  • ‘We can Get Everything We Want if We Try Hard’: Young People, Celebrity, Hard Work, Heather Mendick, Kim Allen & Laura Harvey
  • A Normative Approach to the Legitimacy of Muslim Schools in Multicultural Britain, Peter Matthew Hills
  • Race, Identity and Support in Initial Teacher Training, Kalwant Bhopal
  • School-Based Curriculum Development Towards a Culture of Learning: Nonlinearity in Practice, Der-Thanq Chen, Li-Yi Wang & Wei-Leng Neo
  • Educational Neuroscience: Its Position, Aims and Expectations, Anna van der Meulen, Lydia Krabbendam & Doret de Ruyter

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation