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Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST)

Référence :  Vol. 52, n°5, mai 2015

  • Exploring prospective teachers' assessment practices: Noticing and interpreting student understanding in the assessment of written work, Vicente Talanquer, Molly Bolger and Debra Tomanek
  • STEM students’ social agency and views on working for social change: Are STEM disciplines developing socially and civically responsible students?, Juan C. Garibay
  • Scale construction for graphing: An investigation of students' resources, Cesar Delgado and Margaret M. Lucero
  • A framework for analyzing cognitive demand and content-practices integration: Task analysis guide in science, Miray Tekkumru-Kisa, Mary Kay Stein and Christian Schunn
  • Measuring choice to participate in optional science learning experiences during early adolescence, Li Sha, Christian Schunn and Meghan Bathgate
  • A
  • Improving primary teachers’ attitudes toward science by attitude-focused professional development, Sandra I. van Aalderen-Smeets and Juliette H. Walma van der Molen

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