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Science Education

Référence :  Vol. 99, n°3, mai 2015

Thème :  Focus on… Learning Progressions

  • Learning Progressions and Progress: An Introduction to Our Focus on Learning Progressions, MICHAEL J. FORD
  • A Tale of Two Progressions: On the Benefits of Careful Comparisons, RAVIT GOLAN DUNCAN and AMELIA WENK GOTWALS
  • On the Importance of Epistemology–Disciplinary Core Concept Interactions in LPs, CAROL L. SMITH and MARIANNE WISER
  • Implications of Complexity for Research on Learning Progressions, DAVID HAMMER and TIFFANY-ROSE SIKORSKI
  • Learning Progressions: The Whole World is NOT a Stage, RICH LEHRER and LEONA SCHAUBLE
  • What Kind of Boy Does Science? A Critical Perspective on the Science Trajectories of Four Scientifically Talented Boys, HEIDI B. CARLONE, ANGELA W. WEBB, LOUISE ARCHER and MANDY TAYLOR
  • Balancing Curricular and Pedagogical Needs in Computational Construction Kits: Lessons From the DeltaTick Project, MICHELLE WILKERSON-JERDE, ADITI WAGH and URI WILENSKY
  • U.S. Science Teaching and Learning of Evolution: A Critical Review of the Literature 2000–2014, AMANDA L. GLAZE and M. JENICE GOLDSTON
  • A
  • And Still I See No Changes: Enduring Views of Students of Color in Science and Mathematics Education Policy Reports, VINCENT BASILE and ENRIQUE LOPEZ
  • Without the Light of Evolution: A Case Study of Resistance and Avoidance in Learning to Teach High School Biology, DOUGLAS B. LARKIN and GAIL M. PERRY-RYDER
  • Facilitating Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Talk About Equity: What Are the Strengths and Limitations of Four Strategies for Professional Learning?, JULIE A. BIANCHINI, HILARY A. DWYER, MARY E. BRENNER and ALAYNA J. WEARLY

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation