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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 85, n°6, juin 2015

  • School Staff Perspectives on the Challenges and Solutions to Working With Court-Involved Students, Shantel D. Crosby, Angelique G. Day, Beverly A. Baroni and Cheryl L. Somers
  • Preschool Children's Self-Reports of Fruit and Vegetable Knowledge, Preference, and Messages Encouraging Consumption, Andrew R. Hansen, Moya L. Alfonso, Amy A. Hackney and John S. Luque
  • Improving Academic Performance of School-Age Children by Physical Activity in the Classroom: 1-Year Program Evaluation Marijke J. Mullender-Wijnsma, Esther Hartman, Johannes W. de Greeff, Roel J. Bosker, Simone Doolaard and Chris Visscher
  • Combating Weight-Based Bullying in Schools: Is There Public Support for the Use of Litigation?, Rebecca Puhl, Joerg Luedicke and Kelly M. King
  • Physical Activity of Fifth to Sixth Graders During School Hours According to School Race/Ethnicity: Suburban Cook County, Illinois, Soyang Kwon, Maryann Mason and Sarah Welch
  • A Comparison of Actual and Preferred Classroom Environments as Perceived by Middle School Students, Hsiang-Ru Lai, Wei-Lun Chou, Nae-Fang Miao, Yu-Ping Wu, Pi-Hsia Lee and Jiunn-Chern Jwo
  • Impact of School Staff Health on Work Productivity in Secondary Schools in Massachusetts, Heather J. Alker, Monica L. Wang, Lori Pbert, Nancy Thorsen and Stephenie C. Lemon
  • Is the Balanced School Day Truly Balanced? A Review of the Impacts on Children, Families, and School Food Environments, Theresa F. Wu, Lesley A. Macaskill, Marina I. Salvadori and Paula D. N. Dworatzek

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