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Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs (JORSEN)

Référence :  Vol. 13, n°1, janvier 2013

  • Dyslexia and education in the 21st century, Pauline Prevett, Sheena Bell and Sue Ralph
  • Early identification and interventions for dyslexia: a contemporary view, Margaret J. Snowling
  • An evaluation of the use of Lexia Reading software with children in Year 3, Northern Ireland (6- to 7-year olds), Sharon McMurray
  • Trainee teachers with dyslexia: personal narratives of resilience, Jonathan Glazzard and Kirsty Dale
  • Dyslexia in higher education: creating a fully inclusive institution, Tilly Mortimore
  • Assessing dyslexia in higher education: the York adult assessment battery-revised, Meesha Warmington, Susan E. Stothard and Margaret J. Snowling
  • Questioning the benefits that coloured overlays can have for reading in students with and without dyslexia, Lisa M. Henderson, Natassa Tsogka and Margaret J. Snowling
  • Factors affecting the speed of free writing, Jonathan Ferrier, Joanna Horne and Chris Singleton
  • The socio-emotional needs of children with dyslexia in different educational settings in Ireland, Ann Marie Casserly
  • An investigation into the effectiveness of collaboration between Greek secondary EFL teachers and specialist providers for dyslexia issues, Maria Rontou
  • Professional development for specialist teachers and assessors of students with literacy difficulties/dyslexia: ‘to learn how to assess and support children with dyslexia’, Sheena Bell

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