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Journal of Curriculum Studies

Référence :  Vol.44, n°5, novembre 2012

  • Policy networks and boundary objects: Enacting curriculum reform in the absence of consensus, Indira Banner, Jim Donnelly & Jim Ryder
  • ‘You’ve got to teach people that racism is wrong and then they won’t be racist’: Curricular representations and young people’s understandings of ‘race’ and racism, Audrey Bryan
  • Economic wellbeing: Critical reflections upon policy and practice in English primary schools, Howard Gibson
  • Building Potemkin schools: Science curriculum reform in a STEM school, Tang Wee Teo
  • Curriculum-making in pre-vocational education in the lower secondary school: A regional comparative analysis within Europe, Susanne Berger, Roy Canning, Michael Dolan, SŁAWOMIR Kurek, Matthias Pilz & Tomasz Rachwał
  • Curriculum change and climate change: Inside outside pressures in higher education, Shireen J. Fahey

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