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British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)

Référence :  Vol.38, n°5, octobre 2012

  • The multilevel impact of transformational leadership on teacher commitment: cognitive and motivational pathways, Xavier Dumay & Benoît Galand
  • Absent presences: the recognition of social class and gender dimensions within peer assessment interactions, Barbara Crossouard
  • A comparative study of the impact of mainstream and special school placement on the behaviour of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Phil Reed, Lisa A. Osborne & Emma M. Waddington
  • Research leadership in writing for publication: a theoretical framework, Rowena Murray, Laura Steckley & Iain MacLeod
  • Developing a community of research practice, Rowena Murray
  • Student ambassador experience in higher education: skills and competencies for the future?, Annamari Ylonen
  • The effects of features of examination questions on the performance of students with dyslexia, Victoria Crisp, Martin Johnson & Nadežda Novaković
  • ‘Perceived’ competition and performance in Italian secondary schools: new evidence from OECD–PISA 2006, Tommaso Agasisti & Samuele Murtinu
  • Inequality and the home learning environment: predictions about seven-year-olds’ language and literacy,Dimitra Hartas

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