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British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)

Référence :  Vol.38, n°3, juillet 2012

  • Identities of dis/ability and music, Michael Watts & Barbara Ridley
  • The association of classroom interactions, year group and social class, Diane Harris & Julian Williams
  • The role of response biases in the relationship between students’ perceptions of their courses and their approaches to studying in higher education, John T.E. Richardson
  • Learning citizenship through social participation outside and inside school: an international, multilevel study of young people’s learning of citizenship, Bryony Hoskins, Jan Germen Janmaat & Ernesto Villalba
  • Becoming a problem: behaviour and reputation in the early years classroom, Maggie MacLure, Liz Jones, Rachel Holmes & Christina MacRae
  • The association between mathematics pedagogy and learners’ dispositions for university study, Maria Pampaka, Julian Williams, Graeme Hutcheson, Geoff Wake, Laura Black, Pauline Davis & Paul Hernandez‐Martinez
  • Who is missing from higher education in New Zealand?, Rob Strathdee & Ralf Engler
  • What every worker wants? Evidence about employee demand for learning, Jeanette Findlay, Patricia Findlay & Chris Warhurst

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation