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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 37, n°5, octobre 2011

Thème :  Political and philosophical perspectives on education. Part 2

  • Introduction: Political and philosophical perspectives on education. Part 2, Christopher Brooke & Elizabeth Frazer
  • Rousseau’s philosophy of transformative, ‘denaturing’ education, Patrick Riley
  • Educational theory and the social vision of the Scottish Enlightenment, Ryan Patrick Hanley
  • Mary Wollstonecraft and Catharine Macaulay on education, Elizabeth Frazer
  • Education and Utopia: Robert Owen and Charles Fourier, David Leopold
  • Harriet Martineau and the Unitarian tradition in education, Ruth Watts
  • J. S. Mill on education, Alan Ryan
  • Feminist thinking on education in Victorian England, Laura Schwartz
  • ‘Affection in Education’: Edward Carpenter, John Addington Symonds and the politics of Greek love, Josephine Crawley Quinn & Christopher Brooke

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