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British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 37, n°5, octobre 2011

  • Holding back and holding behind: grade retention and students’ non-academic and academic outcomes, AndrewJ. Martin
  • ‘If they don’t listen I shout, and when I shout they listen’: hearing the voices of girls with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, Gill Clarke
  • Governing the governors: a case study of college governance in English further education, Denis Gleeson
  • Confession, in-service training and reflective practices, Andreas Fejes
  • Exploring inclusive pedagogy, Lani Florian
  • Are separate schools divisive? A case study from Northern Ireland, Joanne Hughes
  • The ‘shape’ of teacher professionalism in England: professional standards, performance management, professional development and the changes proposed in the 2010 White Paper, Linda Evans
  • Power, agency and middle leadership in English primary schools, Linda Hammersley-Fletcher
  • Doing early childhood research: international perspectives on theory and practice, Christine Elizabeth Bold
  • Music education in the twenty-first century in the United Kingdom: achievements, analysis and aspirations, Jonathan Savage
  • Muslim women and sport, Heather Piper
  • Educational enactments in a globalised world: intercultural conversations, Alexa Dare

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