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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 37, n°4, août 2011

  W. D. Halls (1918–2011), David Phillips The coming of the ecological university, Ronald Barnett
  • Mathematics and science inequalities in the United Kingdom: when elitism, sexism and culture collide, Jo Boaler
  • The impact of mothers’ adult learning on their children’s academic performance at Key Stage 3: evidence from ALSPAC, Ricardo Sabates
  • The black box revelation: in search of conceptual clarity regarding climate and culture in school effectiveness research, Mieke Van Houtte
  • Policies shaping South African scholarship: production and reproduction, or diversity in the pursuit of knowledge?, Everard Weber
  • Beyond ‘doing time’: investigating the concept of student engagement with feedback, Karen Handley
  • Core values, education and research: a response to Mark Pike, Sara Bragg
  • Reading research on core values, Christian ethos and school transformation at England’s most improved academy: a reply to Bragg, Allington, Simmons and Jones, MarkA. Pike

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