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British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 37, n°3, juin 2011

  • Who succeeds in advanced mathematics and science courses?, Hanke Korpershoek, Hans Kuyper, Greetje van der Werf, Roel Bosker
  • Preventing and confronting school bullying: a comparative study of two national programmes in Norway, Paul Stephens
  • Young people's views of multi-agency working, Alma Harris, Tracey Allen
  • The influence of child, family, home factors and pre-school education on the identification of special educational needs at age 10, Yvonne Anders, Pam Sammons, Brenda Taggart, Kathy Sylva, Edward Melhuish, Iram Siraj-Blatchford
  • The impact of support staff on pupils' 'positive approaches to learning' and their academic progress, Peter Blatchford, Paul Bassett, Penelope Brown, Clare Martin, Anthony Russell, Rob Webster
  • 'This is a school, it's not a site': teachers' attitudes towards Gypsy and Traveller pupils in schools in England, UK, Kalwant Bhopal
  • Supporting fathers to engage with their children's learning and education: an under-developed aspect of the Parent Support Adviser pilot, Stephen Cullen, Mairi Ann Cullen, Susan Band, Liz Davis, Geoff Lindsay
  • Performing desires: the dilemma of aspirations and educational attainment, Ralf St Clair, Amanda Benjamin
  • What happens to pupils permanently excluded from special schools and pupil referral units in England?, Anne Pirrie, Gale Macleod, Mairi Ann Cullen, Gillean McCluskey
  • Education, asylum and the 'non-citizen' child: the politics of compassion and belonging, Jiro Hasumi
  • Research methods in early childhood: an introductory guide, Sue Waite

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation