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British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 37, n°2, avril 2011

  • The limits of social class in explaining ethnic gaps in educational attainment, Steve Strand
  • Possible selves: students orientating themselves towards the future through extracurricular activity, Jacqueline Stevenson, Sue Clegg
  • Enjoyment and learning: policy and secondary school learners' experience in England, Jacky Lumby
  • Teacher learning communities and educational change in Scotland: the Highland experience, Mark Priestley, Kate Miller, Louise Barrett, Carolyn Wallace
  • Early career challenges in secondary school music teaching, G. Welch, R. Purves, D. Hargreaves, N. Marshall
  • Poverty, family resources and children's early educational attainment: the mediating role of parenting, Kathleen Kiernan, Fiona Mensah
  • The declining significance of homohysteria for male students in three sixth forms in the south of England, M. McCormack
  • Towards gender equality. South African schools during the HIV and AIDS epidemic, Barbara Crossouard

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation