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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 37, n°1, mars 2011

  • Secondary school admissions in England 2001 to 2008: changing legislation, policy and practice, Anne West, Eleanor Barham, Audrey Hind
  • The case: generalisation, theory and phronesis in case study, Gary Thomas
  • Playing the role of 'cultural expert': teachers of ethnic difference in Britain and Australia, Tehmina Basit, Ninetta Santoro
  • Brain drain? Recruitment and retention of high quality teachers in Norway, Arne Mastekaasa
  • Fabricating an identity in neo-liberal times: performing schooling as 'number one', Amanda Keddie, Martin Mills, Donna Pendergast
  • The lucid loneliness of the gatekeeper: exploring the emotional dimension in principals' work lives, Geert Kelchtermans, Liesbeth Piot, Katrijn Ballet
  • Student accommodation in higher education in the United Kingdom: changing post-war attitudes, Malcolm Tight

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