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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 39, n° 1, mars 2004

Thème :  Trends in lifelong learning : improving opportunities for adult learning

  • Improving opportunities for adult learning in the acceding and candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Fragoulis, Haralabos, Masson, Ean-Raymond, Klenha, Vaclav
  • Improving access to and participation in adult learning in OECD countries, Pont, Beatriz
  • The skills economy and workforce development : a regional approach to policy intervention, Huggins, Robert,- Harries, Stuart
  • Validation of formal, non-formal and informal learning : policy and practices in EU member states, Colardyn, Danielle,- Bjornavold, Jens
  • Improving opportunities for adult learning - the Construction industry in France, Libert, Isabelle
  • Adult education in Australia - A residual and eclectic sector, Keating, Jack
  • Raising the levels of education in France: from growth to stabilisation, Béduwé, Catherine, Germe, Jean-François

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