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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 36, n°6, décembre 2010

  • Strengthening and sustaining professional learning in the second year of teaching, Katharine Burn, Trevor Mutton, Hazel Hagger
  • Sail training as education: more than mere adventure, K. McCulloch, P. McLaughlin, P. Allison, V. Edwards, L. Tett
  • Primary school children and self harm: the emotional impact upon education professionals, and their understandings of why children self harm and how this is managed, Rebecca Simm, Katrina Roen, Anna Daiches
  • National Student Survey: are differences between universities and courses reliable and meaningful?, Jacqueline Cheng, Herbert Marsh
  • Values education as holistic development for all sectors: researching for effective pedagogy, Terence Lovat, Neville Clement, Kerry Dally, Ronald Toomey
  • Ethical dilemmas in teaching and nursing: the Israeli case, Orly Shapira-Lishchinsky
  • Transaction and transformation at Trinity: private sponsorship, core values and Christian ethos at England's most improved academy, Mark Pike
  • Ethnography's capacity to contribute to the cumulation of theory: a case study of differentiation-polarisation theory, Sam Hillyard

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