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Journal of Curriculum Studies

Référence :  Vol. 42, n°6, décembre 2010

  • Representing and practising meaningful differences in a well-structured but complex art curriculum, Leslie Cunliffe
  • Revisiting curriculum inquiry: the role of visual representations, Billie Eilam, Miriam Ben-Peretz
  • The rhetorical construction of the nation in education: the case of Flanders, Kris Rutten, Andre Mottart, Ronald Soetaert
  • Civic learning: moving from the apolitical to the socially just, Kristina Llewellyn, Sharon Anne Cook, Alison Molina
  • Using an instrument to analyse competence-based study programmes: experiences of teachers in Dutch vocational education and training, Renate Wesselink, Agaath Dekker-Groen, Harm Biemans, Martin Mulder

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