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Journal of Curriculum Studies

Référence :  Vol. 42, n°4, août 2010

  • Learning to communicate or communicating to learn? A conceptual discussion on communication, meaning, and knowledge, Ninni Wahlstrom
  • Rethinking the representation problem in curriculum inquiry, Bill Green
  • The momentum behind the International Primary Curriculum in schools in England, Tristan Bunnell
  • Conceptual understandings as transition points: making sense of a complex social world, Andrea Milligan, Bronwyn Wood
  • Conceptualizing 'preoccupation': evidence from attention-seeker questioning, Joseph Kimoga
  • Film choices for screening literacy: the 'Pygmalion template' in the curriculum as contact zone, Ive Verdoodt, Kris Rutten, Ronald Soetaert, Andre Mottart
  • Getting beyond anaemic love: from the pedagogy of cordial relations to a pedagogy for difference, Novella Keith

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