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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  Vol. 79, n°3, septembre 2009

    Thirty years on - a large anti-Flynn effect? (II): 13- and 14-year-olds.
  • Piagetian tests of formal operations norms 1976-2006/7, Michael Shayer, Denise Ginsburg
  • The effect of month of birth on the attainments of primary and secondary school pupils, Martin McPhillips, Julie-Anne Jordan-Black
  • Two instructional designs for dialogic citizenship education: An effect study, Jaap Schuitema, Wiel Veugelers, Gert Rijlaarsdam, Geert ten Dam
  • Emotion control in collaborative learning situations: Do students regulate emotions evoked by social challenges?, Hanna Järvenoja, Sanna Järvelä
  • Iterating between lessons on concepts and procedures can improve mathematics knowledge, Bethany Rittle-Johnson, Kenneth Koedinger
  • Students' conceptions of constructivist learning in different programme years and different learning environments, Sofie M. M. Loyens, Remy M. J. P. Rikers, Henk G. Schmidt
  • Coping with examinations: Exploring relationships between students' coping strategies, implicit theories of ability, and perceived control, Julie Doron, Yannick Stephan, Julie Boiché, Christine Le Scanff
  • The role of perceived parental socialization practices in school adjustment among Norwegian upper secondary school students, Ingunn Studsrød, Edvin Bru
  • Modern psychometrics for assessing achievement goal orientation: A Rasch analysis, Krista R. Muis, Philip H. Winne, Ordene V. Edwards
  • Using postgraduate students' evaluations of research experience to benchmark departments and faculties: Issues and challenges, Paul Ginns, Herbert W. Marsh, Masud Behnia, Jacqueline H. S. Cheng, L. Francesca Scalas

mot(s) clé(s) :  évaluation, psychologie de l'éducation, test, examen et concours

catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation