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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  Vol. 77, n°3, septembre 2007

  • Relations among competence beliefs, utility value, achievement goals, and effort in mathematics, Roch Chouinard, Thierry Karsenti, Normand Roy
  • Integrated pictorial mnemonics and stimulus fading: Teaching kindergartners letter sounds, Saskia de Graaff, Ludo Verhoeven, Anna M. T. Bosman, Fred Hasselman
  • Learning and memory of factual content from narrative and expository text, Michael B. W. Wolfe, Joseph A. Mienko
  • The effects of adapting a writing course to students' writing strategies, Marleen Kieft, Gert Rijlaarsdam, David Galbraith, Huub van den Bergh
  • Test anxiety in UK schoolchildren: Prevalence and demographic patterns, David W. Putwain
  • Predicting academic self-handicapping in different age groups: The role of personal achievement goals and social goals, Angeliki Leondari, Eleftheria Gonida
  • The effects of selective schooling and self-concept on adolescents' academic aspiration: An examination of Dweck's self-theory, Anni Ahmavaara, Diane M. Houston
  • Understanding teachers' perceptions of the motor difficulties of children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD, )Lisa M. Rivard, Cheryl Missiuna, Steven Hanna, Laurie Wishart
  • Teacher responses to bullying in relation to moral orientation and seriousness of bullying, Alicia A. Ellis, Rosalyn Shute
  • Developing identities and attitudes in musicians and classroom music teachers, David J. Hargreaves, Ross M. Purves, Graham F. Welch, Nigel A. Marshall
  • Comparing dichotomous and trichotomous approaches to achievement goal theory: An example using motivational regulations as outcome variables, Vassilis Barkoukis, Nikos Ntoumanis, Nikitas Nikitaras
  • Future time orientation predicts academic engagement among first-year university students, Louise Horstmanshof, Craig Zimitat
  • The revised learning process questionnaire: A validation of a Western model of students' study approaches to the South Pacific context using confirmatory factor analysis, Huy P. Phan, Bisun Deo

    mot(s) clé(s) :  psychologie de l'éducation

    catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation