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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  Vol. 77, n°2, juin 2007

  • Mental models of learning in distance education, John T. E. Richardson
  • Collaborative philosophical enquiry for school children: Cognitive effects at 10–12 years, K. J. Topping, S. Trickey
  • Classroom interactions: Exploring the practices of high- and low-expectation teachers, Christine M. Rubie-Davies
  • Pupils' over-reliance on linearity: A scholastic effect?, Wim Van Dooren, Dirk De Bock, Dirk Janssens, Lieven Verschaffel
  • Stereotype threat in classroom settings: The interactive effect of domain identification, task difficulty and stereotype threat on female students' maths performance, Johannes Keller
  • Perceptions of athletic competence and fear of negative evaluation during physical education, Nicola D. Ridgers, Della M. A. Fazey, Stuart J. Fairclough
  • Examining the validity of self-reports on scales measuring students' strategic processing, Marit S. Samuelstuen, Ivar Bråten
  • Do undergraduates' motives for studying change as they progress through their degrees? , David A. Lieberman, Richard Remedios
  • Ain't nothin' like the real thing. Motivation and study processes on a work-based project course in information systems design, Laura Helle, Päivi Tynjälä, Erkki Olkinuora, Kirsti Lonka
  • Examining a multidimensional model of student motivation and engagement using a construct validation approach, Andrew J. Martin
  • Bullies and victims at school: Are they the same pupils?, Mona E. Solberg, Dan Olweus, Inger M. Endresen
  • School violence and teacher professional disengagement, Benoît Galand, Catherine Lecocq, Pierre Philippot
  • A comparison of keyboarded and handwritten compositions and the relationship with transcription speed, Vincent Connelly, Deborah Gee, Elinor Walsh

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