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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  Vol. 77, n°1, mars 2007

  • Educational psychology and the effectiveness of inclusive education/mainstreaming, Lindsay, Geoff
  • Thirty years on - a large anti-Flynn effect? The Piagetian test Volume & Heaviness norms 1975-2003,: Shayer, Michael; Ginsburg, Denise; Coe, Robert
  • Effects of prior assistance in using analogies on young children's unprompted analogical problem solving over time: A microgenetic study, Tunteler, Erika; Resing, Wilma C. M.
  • Arithmetic problems at school: When there is an apparent contradiction between the situation model and the problem model, Coquin-Viennot, Danièle; Moreau, Stéphanie
  • Self-handicapping in school physical education: The influence of the motivational climate, Standage, Martyn; Treasure, Darren C.; Hooper, Katherine; Kuczka, Kendy
  • Academic self-handicapping: The role of self-concept clarity and students' learning strategies, Thomas, Cathy R.; Gadbois, Shannon A.
  • The influence of achievement goals on the constructive activity of low achievers during collaborative problem solving, Gabriele, Anthony J.
  • The effects of Peer Mediation with Young Children (PMYC) on children's cognitive modifiability, Tzuriel, David; Shamir, Adina
  • The validity of physical aggression in predicting adolescent academic performance, : Loveland, James M.; Lounsbury, John W.; Welsh, Deborah; Buboltz, Walter C.
  • Using a multitrait-multimethod analysis to examine conceptual similarities of three self-regulated learning inventories, Muis, Krista R.; Winne, Philip H.; Jamieson-Noel, Dianne
  • Self-construal and social comparison effects, Cheng, Rebecca Wing-yi; Lam, Shui-fong
  • The association between job strain and emotional exhaustion in a cohort of 1,028 Finnish teachers, Santavirta, Nina; Solovieva, Svetlana; Theorell, Töres
  • Job stressors, personality and burnout in primary school teachers, Kokkinos, Constantinos M.

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