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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 42, n°1, mars 2007

  • Does Higher Education Matter? Lessons from a Comparative Graduate Survey, ULRICH TEICHLER
  • The Professional Success of Higher Education Graduates, HARALD SCHOMBURG
  • What Do Educational Mismatches Tell Us About Skill Mismatches? A Cross-country Analysis, JIM ALLEN, EGBERT DEWEERT
  • Pedagogy and Andragogy in Higher Education - A Comparison between Germany, the UK and Japan, KEIICHI YOSHIMOTO, YUKI INENAGA, HIROSHI YAMADA
  • Entrepreneurs, the Self-employed and Employees amongst Young European Higher Education Graduates, DANIEL MARTÍNEZ, JOSÉ-GINÉS MORA, LUIS VILA
  • The History of EU Cooperation in the Field of Education and Training: how lifelong learning became a strategic objective, LUCE PÉPIN
  • Equal Opportunities in Educational Systems: the case of Sweden, MARA WESTLING ALLODI

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