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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 41, n°3/4, septembre/décembre 2006

Thème :  Self-Regulated Learning in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments

  • Self-Regulated Learning in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments: lessons of a European peer review, KARL STEFFENS
  • Self-Regulated Learning in a TELE at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne: an analysis from multiple perspectives, PHILIPPE TRIGANO
  • SRL in Online Cooperative Learning: implications for pre-service teacher training, GIULIANA DETTORI, TANIA GIANNETTI, DONATELLA PERSICO
  • Motivating School Teachers to Learn: can ICT add value?, ROBERTO CARNEIRO
  • Self-Regulated Learning and New Literacies: an experience at the University of Barcelona, CILIA WILLEM, MARTÍN AIELLO, ANTONIO BARTOLOMÉ
  • Self-Regulated Learning and Open Writing, RUNE BAGGETUN, BARBARA WASSON
  • Do Enhanced Communication Technologies Inhibit or Facilitate Self-regulated Learning?, PHILIP BANYARD, JEAN UNDERWOOD, ALISON TWINER
  • The Introduction of Portfolios in Higher Education: a comparative study in the UK and the Netherlands, JOS BEISHUIZEN, PATRIS VAN BOXEL, PHILIP BANYARD, ALISON TWINER, HELLE VERMEIJ, JEAN UNDERWOOD
  • Understanding the Adoption of TELEs — The Importance of Management, ELLEN CHRISTIANSEN, TOM NYVANG
  • Europe and Flanders: Partners in E-Learning? A Comparison of Public Policies, KATIE GOEMAN

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