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The Elementary School Journal (ESJ)

Référence :  Vol. 124, n°3, mars 2024

  • Student-Teacher Relationships and Mathematics Achievement for Students with and Without Disabilities, Amanda A. Olsen and Ambra L. Green
  • Customizing Professional Development Opportunities to Teachers’ Needs: Results from a Latent Profile Analysis, Sofia A. Agathangelou, Heather C. Hill, and Charalambos Y. Charalambous
  • Are Coeducational Classes Truly Coeducational?, Carol Lynn Martin, Sonya Xinyue Xiao, Richard A. Fabes, Laura D. Hanish, Dawn DeLay, and Krista Oswalt
  • Conflict and Cooperation: Micropolitical Forces Affecting Coaches’ Access, Jen Munson and Evthokia Stephanie Saclarides
  • Appreciation of Modern/Contemporary Art by Polish Primary School Children: Evidence from Abstract Paintings and Conceptual Works, Magdalena Szubielska and Marcin Wojtasiński
  • Defining, Measuring, and Teaching Mathematical Flexibility: A Content Analysis of Extant Research, Sarah K. Cox, Matthew K. Burns, Elizabeth M. Hughes, Taryn Wade, and Michelle Brown
  • Weight Status and Socio-Demographic Disparities in Children’s Physical Activity Intensity during Different Segments of the School Day, Xiaoxia Zhang, Xiangli Gu, Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu, Joonyoung Lee, and Tao Zhang

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