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British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 50, n°1, février 2024

  • Educational research in the global north and south; reflections on the field and future directions, Kate Hoskins, Billy Wong, Alison Mckenzie, Yuwei Xu, Ming Cheng, Barbara Read


  • Mainstream and special schools’ use of well-being programmes: A regional survey, Atiyya Nisar, Richard P. Hastings, Richard C. Watkins, Sharon Williams
  • Re-examining the functioning of educational markets: Does the private-subsidised sector contribute to school diversification?, Alejandro Carrasco, Gabriel Gutiérrez
  • Many truths, many knowledges, many forms of reason: Understanding middle-school student approaches to sources of information on the internet, Laura Scholes, Sarah McDonald, Garth Stahl, Barbara Comber
  • Constructing and enacting language teacher identities: Distinctive pathways and divergent practices, Hanife Taşdemir, Gölge Seferoğlu
  • The ups and downs in perceived societal appreciation of the teaching profession during COVID-19: A longitudinal trajectory analysis, Lisa E. Kim, Keziah Owusu, Kathryn Asbury
  • Teachers’ responses to ethnic discrimination: An exploratory study in Flemish secondary schools, Marloes Hagenaars, Naïma Lafrarchi, Wendelien Vantieghem, Peter A. J. Stevens
  • ‘It's missing the heart of what writing is about’: teachers' interpretations of writing assessment criteria, Rebecca Clarkson
  • Rurality, socio-economic disadvantage and educational mobility: A Scottish case study, Daniel Borbely, Markus Gehrsitz, Stuart McIntyre, Gennaro Rossi, Graeme Roy
  • I and Thou? Challenges to dialogical pedagogy in a diverse London secondary school, Emma Soye
  • The impact of student conduct problems on teacher wellbeing following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, Laura Oxley, Kathryn Asbury, Lisa E. Kim
  • Relationship between homework time and academic and non-academic performance in China: A preliminary test of the nonlinear hypothesis, Yueyang Shao, Hongyun Liu, Pingping Zhao, Qimeng Liu, Jian Liu
  • Variation in Black students’ conceptions of academic support, Mike Mimirinis, Annita Ventouris, Elina Wright
  • Do we have to rethink inclusive pedagogies for secondary schools? A critical systematic review of the international literature, George Koutsouris, Nicholas Bremner, Lauren Stentiford
  • (Re)moving exclusions: School exclusion reduction in Glasgow and London, Luke Billingham, Fern Gillon
  • Participating in professional development programmes or learning in the wild? Understanding the learning ecologies of Holocaust educators, Stefania Manca, Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli, Albert Sangrà
  • When constellations align: What early childhood pre-service teachers need from online learning to become confident and competent teachers of the arts, Melissa Cain, Katie Burke, Eva Nislev
  • Does grammar school attendance increase the likelihood of attending a prestigious UK university?, Queralt Capsada-Munsech, Vikki Boliver
  • Nationalising the international in China: A phenomenological study on the purpose of international schooling in an era of regulation, Adam Poole, Yunyun Qin
  • Music always helps: Associations of music subject choices with academic achievement in secondary education, Maruša Levstek, Daniel Elliott, Robin Banerjee
  • Failing children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in England: New evidence of poor outcomes and a postcode lottery at the Local Authority level at Key Stage 1, Francisco Azpitarte, Louise Holt
  • How robust are socio-economic achievement gradients using PISA data? A case study from Germany, John Jerrim, Laura Zieger

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