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The Elementary School Journal (ESJ)

Référence :  Vol. 124, n°2, décembre 2023

  • Parent Perceptions of Remote Learning During COVID-19, Trina M. Harmon and David H. Arnold
  • “It’s Just Something That You Have to Do as a Teacher”: Investigating the Intersection of Educational Infrastructure Redesign, Teacher Discretion, and Educational Equity in the Elementary ELA Classroom, Naomi L. Blaushild
  • Do Teacher Perceptions of Students’ Academic and Behavioral Skills Influence Time Spent in Small-Group Reading Instruction?, Jessica R. Toste, Leigh McLean, Peng Peng, Lisa Didion, Marissa J. Filderman, Nicole Sparapani, and Carol McDonald Connor
  • Variation in Mathematics Content Coverage, Instructional Grouping, and Representational Strategies: An Analysis of Three US Kindergarten Mathematics Textbooks, Katja Robinson, Deb Hubbard, Robin Jacob, Anna Erickson, and Mimi Engel
  • Literacy Coaching Roles ReImagined during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Katia Ciampa, Rosemarie Jagielo-Manion, Audrey Gormley, Gwen Quinn, and Suzanne Fanelle
  • The Effect of Feasible Coaching Supports on Treatment Fidelity to a MultiComponent Behavioral Intervention, Mark D. Samudre and Lauren M. LeJeune
  • Subject-Area Specialization and Teacher Retention: An Elementary School Story, Kevin C. Bastian, C. Kevin Fortner, and Kate Caton

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