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The Elementary School Journal (ESJ)

Référence :  Vol. 124, n°1, septembre 2023

  • Predictable Variation in the Implementation of a Curricular Intervention—and Why it Matters, Lisa B. Hsin, Luke Miratrix, Ha Yeon Kim, Maria D. LaRusso, and Catherine E. Snow
  • Role of the Match Between Individual Levels of Anxious-Withdrawal and Affiliation Group Characteristics in Predicting Distress: Implications for Choice of Peer Partners, John McKirahan, A. Michele Lease, Stacey Neuharth-Pritchett, and Kyongboon Kwon
  • How Do Intervention Studies Measure the Relation between Implementation Fidelity and Students’ Reading Outcomes?: A Systematic Review, Wilhelmina van Dijk, Holly B. Lane, and Nicholas A. Gage
  • Comparing the Effects of Concepts-First and Iterative Fraction Instruction Sequences: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Kristin Running, Robin S. Codding, Sashank Varma, V. N. Vimal Rao, and Alisha Wackerle-Hollman
  • Examining the Type and Direction of Teacher Feedback Provided In Fourth-Grade Classrooms to Inform Teacher Preparation, Elizabeth A. Stevens, Philip Capin, Alicia Stewart, Elizabeth Swanson, and Sharon Vaughn
  • Attempting Equity in Classroom Practice: A Debate across Educational Systems, Whitney M. Hegseth
  • 41 Teachers, 41 Different Ways: Exploring Teacher Implementation of a Universal Social-Emotional Learning Program under Routine Conditions, Sabina Rak Neugebauer, Lia Sandilos, James DiPerna, Leah Hunter, Susan Crandall Hart, and Emmaline Ellis

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