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The Elementary School Journal (ESJ)

Référence :  Vol. 123, n°1, septembre 2022

  • Predicting Efficacy to Teach Writing: The Role of Attitudes, Perceptions of Students’ Progress, and Epistemological Beliefs, Steve Graham, Tien Ping Hsiang, Amber B. Ray, Guihua Zheng, and Michael Hebert
  • Common Core–Related Shifts in English Language Arts Teaching From 2010 to 2018: A Video Study, Mark White, Bridget Maher, and Brian Rowan
  • Reconceptualizing Civic Perspective-Taking: An Analysis of Elementary Student Verbal and Written Contributions within a Curricular Intervention, William Toledo and Esther A. Enright
  • Upper-Elementary Students’ Metacognitive Knowledge about Writing and Its Relationship to Writing Outcomes across Genres, Joshua Wilson and Huijing Wen
  • Getting A Foot in the Door: Examining Content-Focused Coaches’ Strategies for Gaining Access to Classrooms, Jen Munson and Evthokia Stephanie Saclarides
  • An Exploration of Coaches’ Coordination of Micropolitical Strategies to Gain Access to Teachers’ Classrooms, Evthokia Stephanie Saclarides and Jen Munson
  • When School Doesn’t Start at Age 5: Elementary Principal Leadership of Pre-K Programs in Schools, Michael Little, Timothy A. Drake, Lora Cohen-Vogel, and Jessica Eagle

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