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British Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 39, n°3, avril 2018

  • The quest for high-level knowledge in schools: revisiting the concepts of classification and framing, Ana M. Morais & Isabel P. Neves
  • Using Bourdieu in practice? Urban secondary teachers’ and students’ experiences of a Bourdieusian-inspired pedagogical approach, Louise Archer, Emily Dawson, Jennifer DeWitt, Spela Godec, Heather King, Ada Mau, Effrosyni Nomikou & Amy Seakins
  • ‘We are equals’; datum or delusion: perceptions of Muslim women academics in three Malaysian universities, Saeeda Shah
  • ‘It’s good enough that our children are accepted’: Roma mothers’ views of children’s education post migration, Daniela Sime, Giovanna Fassetta & Michele McClung
  • Journeys across educational and cultural borders: international postgraduate students with young children, Judith Loveridge, Stephanie Doyle & Niusila Faamanatu-Eteuati
  • Resistances to global educational prescriptions in the Global South: theoretical considerations through Michel Foucault’s lenses, Jean-Émile Charlier & Oana Marina Panait
  • Why study abroad? Sorting of Chinese students across British universities, Héctor Cebolla-Boado, Yang Hu & Yasemin Nuhoḡlu Soysal
  • Negotiating global citizenship, protecting privilege: western expatriates choosing local schools in Hong Kong, Julian M. Groves & Paul O'Connor
  • Children, literacy, and ethnicity: reading identities in the primary school, Rebecca Rogers
  • Children, literacy and ethnicity reading identities in the primary school, Rachael Levy
  • Review: children, literacy and ethnicity, Laura Teaguew
  • Modernising school governance: corporate planning and expert handling in state education, Steven J. Courtney

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation