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Éducation et sociétés

Référence :  N° 39, 2017/1

Thème :  Resistances to the New Educational Order

  • Presentation Towards an Analysis of the Resistances against the Educational Standards Issued from Globalisation Oana Marina Panait, António Teodoro
  • Protesting in the Educational Space: The Experience of the Occupation of Secondary Schools by the Chilean Student Movement Angelo Montoni
  • The Reactions Provoked by the Educational Measures of an Increasingly Authoritarian Regime. The Case of Hungary Iván Bajomi
  • The Resistance of Educators to the Individualised Educational Project in French-speaking Belgium Thomas Dormont
  • The Resistance of Single Mothers in Vietnam or the Failure of a Maternity Educational Model Sarah Murru
  • The Underside of Resistance in Education: Emancipation, Conservatism and Paradoxes Louis Levasseur, Arianne Robichaud
  • The Art of Governing Schools in Africa: Managerial Domination and Elimination of Resistances Hélène Charton
  • Resistances, Evasions, Ruses and Reappropriations Fool’s Games and the Collective Production of Doxy in Education Jean-Émile Charlier, Sarah Croché


  • Academic Importunity, Orchestration of Accessibility and Inequalities Serge Ebersold, Maïtena Armagnague-Roucher
  • “Take his or her place”: A Gender Social Control Exercised by Peers in an Augmented Space Sigolène Couchot-Schiex
  • A Student’s Professional Project: A Tool of Professionalization or an Injunction? Romain Delès
  • The Perception of the Cycle of Educational Reforms by Teachers in Albania: A Well-assimilated Transition? Enkeleda Arapi, Frédéric Lasserre

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mot(s) clé(s) :  massification et démocratisation, travail collectif intermétier