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Sociology of Education (SOE)

Référence :  Vol. 77, n° 2, mai 2004

Thème :  Articles variés

  • Educational reforms and inequalities in israel: the MMI hypothesis revisited, Ayalon Hanna, Shavit Yossi
  • Schools' racial mix, students' optimism, and the black-white and latino-white achievement gaps, Goldsmith Pat António
  • Social capital and the diffusion of innovations within organizations : the case of computer technology in schools, Frank Kenneth A, Zhao Yong, Borman Kathryn
  • Perspectives on critical issues - social capital and its relevance to minority and immigrant populations, Kao, Grace
  • Perspectives on critical issues - social capital, cultural values, immigration, and academic achievement: the host country context and contradictory consequences, Bankston III Carl L