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Sociology of Education (SOE)

Référence :  vol. 76, n°4, octobre 2003

Thème :  Articles variés

  • Reassessing the "burden of 'Acting White'" : the importance of peer groups in managing academic success, Erin Macnamara Horvat and Kristine S. Lewis
  • Black-white differences in achievement : the importance of wealth, Amy J. Orr
  • Reexamining resistance as oppositional behavior : the nation of islam and the creation of a black achievement ideology, A. A. Akom
  • Notes from the black of the room : problems and paradoxes in the schooling of young black students, Karolyn Tyson
  • Are small schools and private school better for adolescents' emotional adjustment, Toni Terling Watt
  • Perspectives on critical issues : introduction, Linda Grant and Suet-Ling Pong
  • Failing in school? Yes ; Victims of war? No, Cornelius Riordan
  • Gender, Bourdieu, and the anomaly of women's achievement redux, Roslyn Arlin Mickelson
  • Gender, education and society : the limits and possibilities of feminist reproduction theory, Jo-Anne Dillabough